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Jeremy Zietz

I am a studio furniture maker in Richmond, Virginia. Using traditional handmade furniture techniques and a careful design process, each piece is an heirloom in the making. The pieces are rooted in time, engage in tradition, and are aware of their material and impact. Get in touch to purchase, commission, or inquire about works.


As a woodworker, designer, and artist, I uniquely blend my backgrounds to drive designs which explore intersections of handcraft and consumer change.

While working at Continuum, a global innovation and design firm, I worked at the intersection of product strategy and design, translating abstract values to real products. I was also classically trained as a fine furniture maker at the Vermont Woodworking School, and have spent years in the relentless pursuit of craft excellence. From directing workshops in sustainable table-making to crafting one-off pieces of furniture, I continue my pursuit of excellent design and making. Furniture continues to be fertile platform for cultivating valuable traditions and making the best sustainable products.

I have created award-winning designs and worked in a diverse range of industries - from medical devices to consumer electronics, toys, furniture, athletic equipment, packaging, and more. I have studied and held positions at places such as: The Ohio State University, Continuum Innovation & Design, Vermont Woodworking School, ShackletonThomas furniture & pottery, the Center for Furniture Craftsmanship, and Virginia Commonwealth University. 

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