Unilever came to Continuum to envision, design, and engineer a game-changing new skin care device to address early signs of aging. iluminage is a first of its kind, a Skin Smoothing Laser for home use to treat wrinkles. I had the fortune of positioning a form language which drove the product's design all the way through production, working with a world-class design and engineering team. 

Continuum's efforts on the project were extensive, lasting about 2 years and encompassed a comprehensive design process in ergonomics, design, interface, and engineering. Designing an beautiful device which one would want to display on their bathroom counter was one challenge, but transforming the experience to become enjoyable, to drive completely new behavior took a great deal of talent on the project. The laser technology had to be miniaturized into a consumer-friendly package - a technology which previously was only used in a clinician's office.

The Skin Smoothing Laser was launched in the Summer of 2014 and has garnered a great deal of media attention. Watch the video below to see what iluminage has to say about it. 

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