38 1/2"T x 10"W x 6 1/2"D

American ash, brass

The Collectors Cabinet's closed form begs to be rotated open to unlock its mysteries which may chronicle an unforgettable journey or archive family jewelry. Its carved inner wall grants a special reward upon opening. Its hull shape evokes that of travel and adventure, or appears as a bio-mimic pod of precious findings. Such types of heirloom objects should only be held in such a curious cabinet.

The coopered staves of quarter-sawn ash softly facet to wrap around its floating shelves, which mount on a slatted backing. All of the staves and backing are attached and breath as one, so its body is made as if carved out of a single piece of ash. A careful ball catch detents the rotating door to register it directly in the center, or to one side. 

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