35"W x 20 1/2"D x 48 3/8"T

black walnut, maple inlay

This piece was done during a study with Garrett Hack, emphasizing techniques which he is famous for - intricate string inlay and exceptionally well-built case pieces.  The result is solid and lightweight as each of the 4 drawer blades and top/bottom were done with sliding dovetails. The drawer’s slim dovetails were all hand-cut. The bottom “widow’s peak” molding is completely unique, and was steam bent using a setup on my own kitchen’s stove top.

The chest's inspiration is from early American folk pieces which were often elaborately decorated, typically painted. Johannes Spitler, and other German-Americans popularized this idea. The “tree of life” spins upward from its seed, which roots itself below. The tree is a ubiquitous symbol of growth which connects all forms of life.

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