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Building exceptional furniture often demands that a piece is designed and built specifically for a client's home. Each custom piece is carefully designed to ensure a perfect fit in the home and a personal bespoke touch. 

Custom portfolio

custom portofolio

Select custom pieces which I have handmade for clients. These pieces were made while working at ShackletonThomas Furniture in Bridgewater, Vermont. 

commissioned designs

A collection of pieces which I have designed for clients, and worked closely with master furniture makers to produce. Designed at ShackletonThomas. 

DESIGN process

It is a special opportunity to craft a piece for a specific home which will last for generations. 

custom banner.jpg


Design was my first passion and background. Developing and refining the composition and form of a piece for each client is critical and too often shortcut. Through sketching, drafting, and modeling, each design is carefully refined.

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Beyond a drafted drawing, it's critical to refine and visualize the design. Each client is brought closely into the process through advanced visual design tools to understand their commission.


selecting the best material

Making finely crafted furniture starts with expert selection and understanding of wood. Each board is carefully selected for dryness, grain pattern, character, color, and stability. This requires working with quality sawyers and kiln masters regionally.

gallery works


Vital to the substance and creativity of the studio is the exploration of new ideas and techniques. From this practice, new furniture pieces and sculptures emerge. Below is a selection of recent works.


Instruments of Ritual offers an invitation to step out of the rote and enter an alternate ritual space. These ubiquitous forms are design prototypes assigned to tasks which are often overlooked, or yet to be discovered.

The vessels are an ongoing response to how objects come to our aid in difficult times of loss, how we count and mark time, or stow away our personal sacred things. The series seeks to widen the spectrum of object design through the use of everyday ritual.